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Upcoming webinar

Healthy Child, Promising Future: promoting health in primary school settings in Fiji

Presented by Associate Professor Pragya Singh, Fiji National University.
The increasing rates of obesity among children and adolescents are significant issues globally and, in the Pacific. Childhood obesity data from the South Pacific region is scarce. There are no intervention studies which are conducted for these age groups in Wallis islands.

Pragya will present on their team's intervention study that was undertaken with the objective to develop and implement an intervention package related to healthy food consumption, promotion of physical activity primary school children (age 7-9 years old) and to compare the effectiveness of intervention on change in knowledge, attitude and practice related to healthy diet consumption and physical activity.

The results indicate that the developed intervention package had a positive impact on Knowledge Attitudes and Practices related to the healthy diet consumption and promotion of physical activity for primary school children.

Join us on the 5th August at 11am AEST / 1pm Fiji.

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