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Reports, Research and Online Resources: Programs

Reports, Research and Online Resources

On this page you will find information and links to recent reports, research and online resources.  If you have a report or research you would like to share on this page, please get in touch with us.

School Nutrition Education Programmes in the Pacific Islands: A Scoping Review and Capacity Needs Assessment

This report describes the findings of a project that aimed to identify and analyse the capacity for School Nutrition Education Programmes (SNEP) in 14 Pacific Island countries to inform and propose recommendations for a sustainable regional and local SNEP (2019).

School Nutrition Education Programmes in the Pacific Islands

View conference presentations from this project.

FAO School Food and Nutrition Resources

Information and resources for School Food and Nutrition, including links to the FAO School Food and Nutrition Framework and School-based food and nutrition education - A white paper on the current state, principles, challenges and recommendations for low-and middle-income countries

Global Child Nutrition Foundation

The Global Child Nutrition Foundation is a global network of governments, businesses, and civil society organizations working together to support school meal programs that help children and communities thrive. GCNF provides training, technical assistance, and networking opportunities to help governments build national school meal programs that are nutritious, locally-sourced, and ultimately independent from international aid.

Australian Centre for Pacific Islands Research

ACPIR’s work, alongside Pacific peoples, seeks to understand how food environments lead to dietary behaviours and health outcomes. We work to identify opportunities to support healthy and sustainable diets, and our research contributes to and informs food provision and nutrition education programs in a variety of Pacific Island settings.

Eat Right Be Bright - Advocacy Document

An Eat Right Be Bright resource.

Eat Right Be Bright - Submission on the Child Poverty Reduction Bill (NZ)

An Eat Right Be Bright resource.

Eat Right Be Bright - NZ Members of Parliment Presentation (2018)

An Eat Right Be Bright resource.

Assessing the existing evidence base on school food and nutrition policies: A scoping review

This report presents the outcomes of a scoping review conducted to identify and map existing evidence on the effects of school food and nutrition policies on health-related outcomes in children of school age as part of the initial preparation for undertaking the guideline development process by the WHO Nutrition Guidance Expert Advisory Group (NUGAG) Subgroup on Policy Actions.

In order to align with WHO’s Nutrition-friendly Schools Initiative (NFSI) framework, school-based food and nutrition interventions were assessed in terms of the impacts in four key policy areas, namely – the school community, the school curriculum, the school food and nutrition environment, and school nutrition and health services.

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