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The Pacific School Food Network

The vision of the PSFN is to improve the health of Pacific Island children, their families and their communities through healthier school food and nutrition environments.

We invite you to join us by filling in the form below.

Members of the general public are welcome to join the Pacific School Food Network.  This will be as a member. There is no fee for joining the network.


Criteria for joining the network as a member includes:

  • An interest in Pacific school food and nutrition environments and systems

  • A desire to collectively work towards the Pacific School Food Network vision


All members, including those within the Executive Team, will be required to declare all conflicts of interest on joining.

Members will have access to newsletters/communication (e.g. by list-serve) and opportunities to attend webinars and events presented and hosted by the Pacific School Food Network. Members can elect to take part in a working group through an expression of interest process or may submit ideas for working groups.


Three all member meetings for networking (online), and one Annual General Meeting (online) will be held each year. The Annual General Meeting will be held in June and will include voting on membership of the Executive Team for the upcoming term.

Join us!  Apply to be part of the network

Please fill in the form to apply to join the PSFN.

All applications will be screened by the Executive Team. All applicants are required to declare any potential conflicts of interest upon joining the network (please see the question below).

Thanks for submitting!

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