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Papua New Guinea

School food activities in Papua New Guinea

Marobe School Gardens Project 

Garden program

Started: 2020

Status: Concluded 2022, ongoing in some schools 

Regional, Lae district

Reach: 16 Day and Boarding schools

School level: Primary schools, Secondary schools (grades 5 - 12)

Program goals:

  • Schools are sustainably managing established school gardens 

  • Develop a design for sustainable school garden models 

  • Activate the school gardens as practical learning environment 

Managed by Australian National University and local program implementation manager. Engagement from DFAT. 


Capacity assessment - School Meal project


Started: 2021

Status: Project finished in 2023, gardens are ongoing 


Reach: 4 Boarding and Day schools

School level: Primary school, Secondary school

Program goals:

  • Identify primary and secondary schools for school meal project pilots  

  • Discuss and consult with provincial government on the pilot project to gain their support  

  • Mapping of potential service providers of the school meal activities  

  • Identify provincial focal points for the SMP project steering committee  

  • Undertake a rapid assessment of school’s capacity, community/roadside markets, farmer groups and CSOs.  

  • Meeting with relevant CSOs and partners to identify their potential in supporting the project in various service provisions 

Implemented by FAO with support from the government. 


Boarding School Feeding

Feeding program

Started: Unsure

Status: Ongoing


Reach: Boarding schools

School level: Secondary school


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