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French Polynesia

School food activities in French Polynesia

Pacific Territories Regional Project for Sustainable Ecosystem Management  


Feeding program (Lunch - including entrée, main and dessert) 

Started: 2022

Status: Current, concludes in 2024, with plans to upscale

International: 3 Pacific Island Countries (4 schools in French Polynesia) 

Reach: Day and boarding schools (mainly Public), Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday during the school year

School level: Primary and Secondary (6 to 18 years)   

Program goals:

  • Promote local food production and consumption.  

  • Improve employment of vulnerable populations 

  • Improve food security (children have access to at least 1 nutritious meal per day) 

  • Improve nutrition of children  

  • Deliver on policy (20-35% of locally produced food in school  

  • Building resilience and sustainability of the primary agriculture sector 

  • Prevent or mitigate over-nutrition 

The project is being implemented by SPC and SPREP (South Pacific Regional Environmental Program) as Pacific regional organisations. Ministry of Agriculture Chamber and Ministry of Ecology, Local organic producer groups, and schools are all engaged in the program. 


Ressources Alimentaires et Santé aux Australes 


Started: 2015

Status: Pilot concluded

Reach: 1 school

School level: Unsure

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